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PICO Chemical Celebrates 46 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

Pico Chemical

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Il., /PRNewswire/ -- PICO Chemical Corporation is a privately held, family-owned, and operated manufacturer of specialty chemicals and lubricants to clean, condition, lubricate and protect since 1976.

Reactor/Tank Cleaners * Plasma Table Fluids * Metalworking Fluids * Adhesion Promoter Resins * Tube Bending Gels  

 Parts Washer Chemistry * Fastener Cleaners * Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors * Steel Specialties * Extrusion Lubricants * Drawing Compounds * Peelable Paint Booth Coating * Anilox Roll Cleaners

In addition, PICO manufactures specialty adhesion promoter resins for formulators of automotive PVC and acrylic plastisol and other specific adhesive and protective coatings.

PICO technologies and support services provide environmentally friendly, performance-proven solutions to help improve performance, production, and quality; extend the service life; reduce the use, treatment, and disposal; and improve the profitability of the companies we serve.

PICO is ISO 9001 certified and registered through DQS Inc. and PICO headquarters and manufacturing are in Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA, and is a historic suburb thirty miles directly south of downtown Chicago.

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PICO Chemical Contact:
Sharon Payne, Marketing 
(708) 757-4910            

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